Keeping Up With The Next Gen Workforce

There’s no denying that everyone works in the best interest of their company. And at the workplace, a constant clash is seen between new workers and seasoned employees. However, the truth is that younger generation is being preferred for marketing and creative jobs in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto.

So what really sets the younger generation apart from the highly experienced workforce? Workisto, the number one job portal in Ontario, shares an insight on what drives the gen next and how a thing or two can be learned from them.

Tech savvy
Whether it’s the new machine model in work or the latest technology being used in a smart device, the young blood wants it all. They keep looking for what’s new on the scene and are not hesitant on trying that. This is a plus factor as it keeps them ahead in their game.

Social Media savvy
One can definitely learn a couple of things regarding social media marketing from the younger generation. That reminds me of a movie named “Chef” where the little kid handles social media for his dad’s food truck. They work as a team and learn from each other, the young learns the craft and the old learns to spread the word.

Being highly ambitious and relentless
It’s no surprise that the next gen is a highly ambitious lot. They have a lot to achieve and they’ve just started in this huge game of rapid economic reforms. Their desire to survive makes them ambitious to the core. Where being too ambitious is not a positive trait, certain degree of motivation is needed which one can definitely puck from them. And they are relentless in their efforts. They crave instant gratification for their work and that makes them fast.

Avid Multitaskers
They sit through their lectures, simultaneously being active on social media and texting apps, and still scored an A in the surprise test. Next gen is totally high on multitasking. They know how to balance professional and personal life perfectly. They are also on the lookout for new skills to be learnt. Because they know, it’s important to be a jack of many trades to survive in this economy.

These are the few traits of next generation that keeps them on their toes. While there is no substitute for hard work and experience, keeping up with the new trends is always a welcome attribute. If you seek Latest jobs in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, broadening your skills, and Workisto, will surely help.


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