How to Prepare for an Interview- Hear from Workisto

We all have given an interview at some point in our lives. If you think you haven’t, think again. Meeting your girlfriend’s father for the first time is also an interview of sorts. In fact, someone somewhere might be giving one right this moment. And in the end, some candidates make it through and some don’t. So what exactly gives the selected candidates an edge over the others?

A note for all those out there who haven’t been able to crack an interview. Non-selection doesn’t mean that the non-selected ones are incompetent. It’s just a matter of how well prepared you are and depends on your foresightedness. Workisto, the number 1 job hunting site in Mississauga, hereby gives all the applicants tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Know it’s the right job for you
Before jumping at the opportunity and sending in your resume, pause for a moment and ask yourself, is this the job you want? Because what you want differs from what you need. Are you doing this only for the money that it promises? Or your passion lies in it?

The point is that when you do what you love, you not only pass the interview but also turn out to be great at your job. The job you’re applying for should match your caliber and interests. If you are not convinced yourself whether you want this job or not, how will you convince your employers that you’re the best guy for the opening.
If a job does not captivate you, motivate you intellectually, it’s not for you. Period.

Prepare, prepare and then prepare some more
Once you’re sure that a given job is, indeed, your dream job, it’s time to start preparing. Apart from preparing about your subject, you should also gather info about the company you’re going to work with. A thoroughly prepared candidate always end up creating a good impressions. It shows how serious you are regarding the job that you applied for. If you go there unprepared, you’re definitely in for a loss.

When you’re going for an interview, every little detail counts. Your way of presenting yourself says a lot about yourself. If you are well organized, the interviewer will know what you can bring to the table. Don’t neglect your appearance, with hair tied up properly or styled neatly, clothes wrinkle free and a fresh smile on your face. Bring your bit of sunshine in the room. It shows that you’ve put in thought about the interview and prepared for it in advance. If you’re dressed shabbily, without a good reason behind it, there are chances you’ll be dubbed as clumsy. Be on time for the interview. That counts a lot. It means you respect time, yours and others as well.

Organize your CV
Bring a copy of your CV as it’s the first thing an interviewer asks for. Remember to mention your experiences and your educational qualifications in the reverse chronological order in your CV. CV templates are available in the latest versions of MS Word. You can use that to make it look attractive. Or you can type it from scratch with text being evenly spaced and uniform in font size and type. Also type a cover letter that highlights your experience, your capabilities, and your skills in the area needed. Your certificates, should also be placed in reverse chronological order and very neatly. Don’t over exaggerate in order to sell your skills. Be honest about your accomplishments to the core. No one likes a dishonest fella in the company.

Ooze Confidence
In the end, just have fun with it. Be confident of your abilities and that confidence should reflect in your demeanor. Speak fluently while maintaining a flow. Again, confidence is backed by thorough preparation. If you’re well prepared, there’s nothing to fear and half the battle is won already.

With these pointers in mind, we hope you’ll take the interview panel by storm. To all the applicants who have uploaded their resumes on Workisto good luck and start preparing; for an interview call is just round the corner.


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